Crepe Pancakes

Crepe Pancakes
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I’m leaving you a delicious pancake recipe with the taste of pizza that you can prepare for breakfast or next to 5 o’clock tea. ♨️
Crepe Pancakes For the crepe batter:

eggs (room temperature)
4 tablespoons of oil 1.5 cups of milk
2 cups flour Salt For internal mortar;
1 tomato sausage
1 green pepper half capia pepper Salt,


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pepper and thyme
Cheese Fabrication; Let’s beat the egg well with the blandr. Let’s add the other ingredients in order and mix. For the stuffing, let’s chop the other ingredients, except the cheddar, into small pieces. Let’s oil the pan lightly. Let’s start cooking by pouring 1 ladle of pancake

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batter. When the bottom part is lightly cooked, turn it upside down and place finely chopped cheddar and stuffing in half of our pancake and close it. Cook with ten sides and put it on a serving plate. There are about 6-7 pieces of these tins. Let’s serve hot. never mind.

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