Delicious Chicken Schnitzel

Delicious Chicken Schnitzel
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I leave a delicious menu suggestion for you. Yanina is delicious with spicy potatoes and salad. I definitely recommend you to try it.
♨️Delicious Chicken Schnitzel Materials; –

5 chicken breasts (adjust according to the number of people) For her dressing; –
Half a bottle of mineral water
1 teaspoon of milk
Salt -Black pepper


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To find; -1.5 cups of flour -2 eggs -5 tablespoons of water -2 cups of breadcrumbs (I used stale bread crumbs) Fabrication; First of all, let’s cut our chickens thinly and transversely. Then let’s mix the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl. Let’s put our chickens in a deep bowl and combine them with sauce. After they are completely sauced, let’s wrap them in cling flim and let our chickens rest in the refrigerator. You

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can prepare it in the evening. To find it, mix the egg with 5 tablespoons of water and put it on a large plate. Let’s take the flour and breadcrumbs on separate plates. Let’s dip the rested chicken in flour first, then in egg, and finally in breadcrumbs and cook it back and forth in oil. I served it with spicy potatoes and salad. Bon appetit.

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